Throw Back Thursday #4

Hello Thursday! The day to remember something from our past. Today, I’m sharing a memory from a year ago. I wanted to get in the mood for Christmas, so I opened the December 2015 folder of photos and I had so much fun looking at the photos. I didn’t remember how fun last Christmas was.

I wish I could scrap all the photos, but as I only had time to make one page. I chose this photo of myself being silly to scrap about me decorating the house for Christmas for the first time last year. It was so cool create my own DIY decorative items and buy some stuff.


The most interesting thing was that I had fun with the collection I used also. When I opened the folder and browsed for elements and papers and journal cards, I remembered things I was learning and did for this collection and the feeling of pride came back to me. I feel so good when I’m learning new things. This is an incredible collection and I admit I had forgotten about it.

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Creative Team Inspiration: Bedtime Stories Collection

Weekends are great for photographing moments with the family and also scrapping the photos and stories you’ve been wanting to tell. If you find yourself in a creative block or if you want to see how you can use products you bought. Here’s your first stop for some scrapping inspiration.

Today, I’m sharing a collection of layouts made with Bedtime Stories Collection and a few of my thoughts and takeaways on each one. I hope you also get inspired to scrap this weekend.

Template used from JDoubleU 11 Pack

I love how Michelle added a lot of themed elements in a harmonious way. A good rule for that is resizing them. The lighting and angle of her photos are great. I also like that she used the word art sticker as the title.


You’re gonna see a lot of sleeping babies and toddlers in this post. That’s why this one by Tinci caught my attention. She scrapped grown ups relaxing. I always love Tinci’s clusters and layers of papers, I also love patterned paper as the backgorund.

Template used from JDoubleU 11 Pack

Heidi has a new grandson in her family, how cute he is! I like how she focused on his photo, adding only a few elements. I also like that she frames her page with a dark blue paper.

Template used from JDoubleU 12 Pack

Can’t avoid smiling when I see this page. Love that close-up photo. Love that she created a card using one of the patterned papers and the sleeping bear instead of adding a second photo. The Ombre paper always adds so much interest to the page.


Em is very great at scrapping off-themed pages and I love that because it shows me how versatile my products are and that’s something I aim for. As a scrapper, I like to have versatile products that I can use more than once or twice. Back to Em’s page, what can I say… I love to see her family adventures scrapped, I like that she kept her photos as the central point even though there are so many layers of papers, the size of her photos make them pop from the pieces of paper.


Alane surprised me with this beautiful layout because she didn’t use any of the blues from the kit. I would never imagine a page only with the whites and yellows. Her photo is so adorable and the dark background pops from the whites and yellows. Love it!


Em also scrapped a page following the kit theme and what I love the most here is that she added journaling, I love to see family stories being told. I like that she used the books of the kit to show that he was studying, so she kept all the other themed elements out of the page.

bts-theresaTemplate used from JDoubleU 13 Pack

I love this template, it’s one of my faves from the newest in the store. What I like the most here is that she added the cloud patterned paper and it created a fun frame to the page with the flowers on the top. I also like that she added the pompoms and sheep among the flowers, they add so much interest.

bts-kimTemplate used from Incredible Life 8 pack

Kim used a template with lots of paper pieces under the photos, so choosing the lighter papers was perfect to make her photos stand out since they are a bit darker which set the mood for the theme. I know not every scrapper likes pages full of things, but I always get delighted seeing every detail when I see a page like this. Love it!

bts-debbieTemplate used from JDoubleU 14 pack

Debbie’s journaling is so true, “nothing is more precious than a sleeping infant.” This picture is perfect and its neutral colors are a great win, because it will match pretty much any kit you try to use. I love the patterned paper she chose for matting the page, it reminds me of a blanket. Lovely how she added a lot of details, but her photo is the focal point.

bts-sherriTemplate used from JDoubleU 14 pack

I guess every mother feels like this when watching their babies sleep, right? I remember I used to watch my daughter sleep with a feeling of amazement about life until she was 10. LOL I like that the artsy paper she chose for the background matches the colors in her photo. The yellow and dark blue in papers and elements give a great contrast.

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Throw Back Thursday #3

Hello Thursday! The day to remember something from our past. Today, I’m sharing a redo. I have a lot of old layouts I didn’t save the high resolution image to print. I print my layouts in 12×12 size that’s why I need the high resolution image otherwise they will get all pixelated. So, I’m re-making some of these layouts to print and add to our family album.

This is a layout from 2008 and re-making it brought a smile to my face. Oh my! Time flies, doesn’t it? Our daughter was an almost entirely bald baby and when she was growing and learned to speak, she complained about her short hair. It took a long time to grow and when it finally grew, we started doing it in many different ways.


This is a hairdo I used to wear when I was a teenager, however my “pompoms” were always down, over my neck. As she was a baby I knew we could do something cuter and made them up on the head. Pretty.

In this layout redoing project I have some rules.

I never change the photos, title and journaling. When I read it, I usually feel like I could improve it, especially because my writing skills improved over the years and also changed my feelings, thoughts and behavior as a mother. However, changing them feels like cheating to me and I wanna be honest with myself, this is how I felt and how I expressed my thoughts at that particular moment. My only goal is being able to add it to our family album, so I only change the products used and design. I don’t think it’s cheating because the most important to me is the memory itself, telling our stories, the text, title and photos tell it, they would tell the story even if I glued the photos to a napkin and wrote in pen. The embellishments are only a complement to make it look prettier. Who doesn’t like pretty things, right?

Here’s the old layout.

To make the new layout I used one template from the JDoubleU 13 pack. This pack is part of the November Templates Bundle that is on sale. You can get 12 templates for only $6.99. It’s less than $0.6 each template. The bundle is available only during November.





To scrap it I used the collection Wish Upon a Star. Here’s a special coupon to save $2 on purchase of the kit or the bundle. The fresh blues match my photos perfectly.




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AAM Layout: New Version of Me & Bake Sale ($1 Deals)

Hey, there!

This week has been anything but ordinary. Actually it’s been extraordinary because I’ve been setting my bullet journal and that made me reflect about 2015. I’ve already talked about it in the post about my one word for 2016. But I thought I could make a scrapbook page to add to my AAM (All About Me) Album.

It’s a celebration layout before I turn 35.

click here or on the image for full credits

Journaling reads: Where’s that Daniella Who was too worried, stressed, pissed off? Where’s that Daniella that couldn’t celebrate her achievements, because was too worried about what she considered problems, with the futuro and what she didn’t have any control over? She’s not here anymore. This one is 3.5 version that was launched one or two months earlier, someone whos believes in her intuition, that listens to her heart and that is faithful that everything is gonna be alright and that keep on her journey, because she understands her role, her mission. Walking her path is now her main goal. Welcome new version! Nore conscious, more confident, more everything that she always deserved. Welcome new version that gives herself the gift of the present.

I used Let It Go Bundle to make this page because it is a perfect fit, I just let go of trying to control my life and am now living it.

Good News!
It’s only $1


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Let It Go Page Kit
Christmas Time
Tell Your Story: September

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day.