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Pushing Through Anxiety

(Drawing by me and quote by Brian Tracey) I started going to holistic therapy sessions weekly in August and it’s a great step in this moment of my life. I’ve been to traditional therapy sessions before, but I was not ready to move forward back then. It was almost impossible for me to open up and… Continue reading Pushing Through Anxiety

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Get inspired after iNSD frenzy and burn out

After the iNSD festivities*, do you feel burned out? Do you feel like your mojo left you after scrapping so much during the festivities? Or maybe you didn't have time to scrap because you were collecting freebies and grabbing the best deals around and now you feel like you don't know where to start. If you answered… Continue reading Get inspired after iNSD frenzy and burn out

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Monthly memories collection – lessons learned so far in 2016

Do you journal, review or take notes of your progress during the year? Every month I make a recap to check what worked and what didn't work for my business and for me personally. In addition to that, I add all the great things that happened, which doubles as my gratitude log. That’s when I… Continue reading Monthly memories collection – lessons learned so far in 2016

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Dear Future Me 2015 (recap)

Hey there! My one word for the year is EXPERIENCE. What I aim in 2016 is practical contact, physical movement, action. There is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of being inert, not learning new things, not meeting new people, not trying new tastes, not doing what I love, not loving my life. How much of action do I… Continue reading Dear Future Me 2015 (recap)

One Word

My One Word in 2014: Enjoy

*This post was moved from my previous blog as originally posted. Hey, there! The year of 2014 is knocking on our doors, and I've been thinking about the great and interesting things that happened to me in the last couple of months.They were so intense that seems like the rest of the year didn't matter.… Continue reading My One Word in 2014: Enjoy