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Creative Team Layouts | Berry Sweet Collection

Hello, there!

I’m here with another round of creative team layouts. Oh my!… and this kit is so gorgeous! I think there’s something about the colors that attract my eyes.

If you find yourself with a creative block or if you want to see how you can use products you bought, here’s your first stop for some scrapping inspiration.

Today, I’m sharing a collection of layouts made with Berry Sweet Collection that includes Full Kit, Flowers, Artsy Papers, Ombré Papers, Alphas, Wordbits, Word Arts, Special Papers, Masks & Paints and  Stickers.

When the collection is big, I also offer the specialty bundles: Essentials Bundle and Artsy Bundle.

That’s not all. How could it be even better? Yes, gimme templates. The Berry Sweet Collection also includes four packs of incredible templates: Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3 and Pack 4.


Of course, I am also sharing my thoughts and takeaways on each layout. I hope you also get inspired to scrap your photos and memories.


I will open with my own page. I love pages full of flower clusters, so I chose one of the templates that has lots of them. I also love layers of patterned paper, so this template just called to me. What I like the most about this page is that I used only one photo for the three photo spots, I treated its colors to fit the kit and then turned the cropped ones into B&W. A good tip here is flipping the cropped shots to direct the eye to the center of the page.


Sacha also used one of the templates from the collection. I love how the browns and the blue from the jeans in her photo match the kit. The combination of ombré and artsy papers for the background makes it so interesting. I love how she added a word art to a block of paper and made it look like a filler card. She’s a cutie, isn’t she?


Francine is now using the Project Life App on her cell phone and I love how she’s able to use my designs on it. Pocket pages with weekly stories are so cool. I like how she added bits and pieces and word arts to the cards spots, creating her own designs.


Heidi chose to go minimalist with a template from The Little Things 4. How cool this is! What a great picture she has and I love how she framed it a way that we cannot take our eyes off of it. Those big flowers and paint splatter give a great touch, too. Using an embossed paper for the background makes it looks so interesting.


Heidi scrapped another page and she chose one of my favorite templates from the collection. I love the flower clusters, remember? *grin I like how she made her photos so vibrant, they pop from all that is going on. She also added a word art to a block of paper and made her own filler card. Everything is so beautiful about this page.


I love to see people changing the templates to fit their needs. Look how fabulous this looks. This cute little baby makes it all even more beautiful. I like the straight visual line she created with the photos and the word art in the middle.


Kellie brought a smile to my face when she showed me this page. I love how she used parts of the pattern to frame the photos. What about the cut outs she created from the pattern?! She blew me away. Love it!


This page by Rabecca is also so incredibly beautiful. I love that she used a combination of dark and light patterned papers for the curves and an ombré paper for the background. I also like how the colors in her photos match the colors of the kit.


Okay, I admit I would never have imagined that this kit would look so masculine before seeing this page by Alane. How cute is this?! He’s so adorable. I love how she only used the blues, greens and creams for this one… I love how she tagged the photos Clown and Sweet and what can I say about the journaling? You know I love seeing stories being told in scrapbook pages.

That’s it. I hope you loved this as much as I did. Berry Sweet was created for the February Buffet Event, so it is being offered at a special price through February 28.

Don’t miss the special Buffet Price and order now.
When the month is over, they will be full priced.


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2 thoughts on “Creative Team Layouts | Berry Sweet Collection”

  1. Thanks for the sweet takeaways Dani, this kit was a lot of fun and so beautiful- I love all of the pages! And I really enjoy templates being used in other layout designs too 🙂


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