New Year for a Better Me – 7 days of Review | Day Six

Lisa Jacobs hosts a seven-day review series* on Marketing Creativity. This review process is derived from her book – Your Best Year 2017 – which I bought as soon as she launched after using the previous edition which I loved. The 2017 edition is even better than the previous one and I truly recommend using it if you are running a creative business online.

I responded to the prompts in a self-paced way back in November. I’m glad Lisa is careful enough to add her own responses as examples in the book, it helped a lot. As I decided to share my goals for this year here on the blog, instead of writing a post with my resolutions I thought it would be a good idea to share my whole review with you, following Lisa’s series.

As I said before, it’s a seven-day review and I am writing seven posts however, they won’t be posted daily, I am posting them as soon as I write. If you haven’t set your goals yet, I hope that seeing my answers or visiting Lisa’s blog and seeing her answers might help you set your goals.

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Today, we’re going to set real and specific goals that we will work to achieving in 2017. Lisa shares that every strong fighter always has a culmination of four things: (1.) Determination, (2.) Discipline, (3.) a Timeline, and (4.) a Trainer.

It made me think about my own journey on achieving goals and making progress.

  1. Determination. It’s something I master now. A couple of years ago, I was too afraid to try anything. I had dreams but they were only dreams, I didn’t feel confident enough that I could make them happen. Focusing on myself – working on my emotions in therapy sessions, seminars, books and other sources and getting to know my core values and what really matters to me built the determination I have now.
  2. Discipline. I think this is the perfect timing to work on discipline. Of course, I already improved in this area while working on all the above, but creating the time schedule I mentioned on Day Five may be a great chance to build discipline.
  3. A Timeline. Some months ago, I realized I only saw two possible endings – success or failure – and that was a huge factor that kept me from setting specific goals until today. I was afraid of dreaming big and not being able to achieve my goals which would make me feel like a failure. And if I was dreaming small, I would still feel like a failure because I knew I could have done better. I learned that everything we do is progress. Maybe, I won’t achieve all my goals this year, but everything I’ll have done by December 31st will have brought me closer to achieving them. That’s why it’s easier for me now to set a timeline and break-up big goals into small steps throughout the year.
  4. A Trainer. I felt alone for so long. I’m used to applying lots of things I learn online or on books. It is a good way of improving however, it is a slower way for me because I need to figure things out by myself and apply and analyze and… well, I had no support. Last November, I decided to invest in a coaching program and it’s been the best investment I’ve done for my business so far. My progress has been much faster than before. Besides the coaching program, I invested in Lisa’s YBY and it also paid off. So, my intention is to keep on investing in education from now on. That’s why I decided to go back to a part-time job to make money for that.

Create goals in all 5 pillars

Create a specific goal for each of the five pillars of life: Relational, spiritual, mental, physical, and financial. The more detailed the better! 

P.S.: I wrote only the goals I have a clear idea about. I avoided writing things I want but I’m not clear about because it would make me feel confused. So, I will be adding other goals when they become clearer and relevant.


  • Take one day off every other week for self-care.*
  • Travel to the beach with my family at least three times this year.

*I’m also making some changes in my daily routine such as getting dressed and wearing make-up before work. I work from home, but working on pajamas has made me feel less feminine.


  • Keep doing the gypsy rituals (weekly)
  • Visit the gypsy temple every other month
  • Learn gypsy cards reading


  • Read 10 books from my current list of must-read.
  • Read CTI Book
  • Take an Illustration Course
  • Finish 100 Rejection Letters


  • Therapy Sessions focused on eating disorders
  • Follow the nutritionist’s advice


  • Pay off credit card
  • Get a part-time job for 6 months


And here’s day six of the review. On the last post, I’ll share a recap of January and how I made progress on my goals.

*Lisa’s series is called New Year For A New You, however I don’t like the idea of thinking of me as a new person, I’m always looking for becoming a better version of myself, opening up for my core values and truth. That’s why I changed the name for New Year For A Better Me.



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