New Year for a Better Me: 7 days of review | Day Three

Lisa Jacobs hosts a seven-day review series* on Marketing Creativity. This review process is derived from her book – Your Best Year 2017 – which I bought as soon as she launched after using the previous edition which I loved. The 2017 edition is even better than the previous one and I truly recommend using it if you are running a creative business online.

I responded to the prompts in a self-paced way back in November. I’m glad Lisa is careful enough to add her own responses as examples in the book, it helped a lot. As I decided to share my goals for this year here on the blog, instead of writing a post with my resolutions I thought it would be a good idea to share my whole review with you, following Lisa’s series.

As I said before, it’s a seven-day review and I am writing seven posts, however they won’t be posted daily, I am posting them as soon as I write. If you haven’t set your goals yet, I hope that seeing my answers or visiting Lisa’s blog and seeing her answers might help you set your goals.

Read Day One Review here.
Read Day Two Review here.


Today, the prompts are a bit different. We’re going to start shaping our goals for 2017. I really like how Lisa guides us to find clarity about what we truly want. She starts with a concept taught by James Arthur Ray in Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want. Here are my answers.

What do you wanna change in 2017?


Replace delivery and junk food expenses with outings and small trips. Pay off credit card and pay monthly bills on due date.


Transform my energy into action to achieve my goals.


Read 10 books + read book Tiffany referred. Go through 100RL program, take Ivan Quirino’s drawing course and subscribe to Skillshare.


Be present and enjoy moments with family and friends. Hire someone to clean the house to avoid the usual disagreements among us. Take one day off every other week to take care of myself to feel more feminine and connect with my body. Take small trips to the beach with the family every three months.


Take the nutritional advice and recommendations seriously. Get organized and prepare meals in advance to make the best choices. Work out frequently.

Next Step…

Then we must apply all the things from the list above to the following list from Tony Robbins. I’ll do as Lisa did and post only my priority for now or else this post will be too long.

I choose to focus on my spiritual goal first because it will influence positively all the other goals. Of course, I’m doing some things from other goals, too… especially because some cannot be put off (e.g. money making products and projects and lessons of 100RL program) and some need consistent small steps to become true. However, one of my biggest challenges is to transform my energy into action to become more productive and assertive. So, here are my answers following Tony Robbins’ list to find more clarity in setting the goals.

What do I really want? (vision) 

Use my energy to do things that are useful and make me and my family happy, with this avoid getting depressed or sick.

What is important about it? (values)

I want to make my dreams come true, live the life I truly want to live. Besides that, I want to teach others how to live a life with soul and purpose and how to achieve their goals while enjoying the journey to get there.

How will I get it? (methods)

  • Energy Rituals – energize water with crystal and gratitude prayers before bed
  • Herb showers
  • Meditation
  • Green Smoothies
  • Work-outs
  • Go to the Temple once a month for energy cleanse and guidance

What is preventing me from having it? (obstacles)

  • Inconsistency when applying the methods.

 How will I know I am successful? (measurements)

  • 75% of the year were productive days
  • I achieved at least 75% of my projects and goals
  • I went to the temple at least 12 times

What are productive days for me? Days that I make progress on my projects and goals, that are all noted in my planner. I also consider days off with my family or me time as productive because they are part of my relational goals as long as they are scheduled and don’t harm my other goals.

How am I going to track my productive days? I’ll track all my days using Pretty Productive Progress Tracker Calendar that you can find on Etsy. It has not only the monthly tracker but also a place for a review every month so you can reflect on what challenges you’re going to tackle next.

Find the tracker on Etsy.


And here’s day three of the review. I’ll be posting day 4 with a new list of prompts + my answers. We’re already shaping up the projects and goals, soon you’re going to see what my resolutions are for 2017.

*Lisa’s series is called New Year For A New You, however I don’t like the idea of thinking of me as a new person, I’m always looking for becoming a better version of myself, opening up for my core values and truth. That’s why I changed the name for New Year For A Better Me.



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