New Year for a Better Me: 7 days of Review | Day One

Lisa Jacobs hosts a seven-day review series* on Marketing Creativity. This review process is derived from her book – Your Best Year 2017 – which I bought as soon as she launched after using the previous edition which I loved. The 2017 edition is even better than the previous one and I truly recommend using it if you are running a creative business online.

I responded to the prompts in a self-paced way back in November. I’m glad Lisa is careful enough to add her own responses as examples in the book, it helped a lot. As I decided to share my goals for this year here on the blog, instead of writing a post with my resolutions I thought it would be a good idea to share my whole review with you, following Lisa’s series.

As I said before, it’s a seven-day review and I will write seven posts, however they won’t be posted daily, I will post them as soon as I write. If you haven’t set your goals yet, I hope that seeing my answers or visiting Lisa’s blog and seeing her answers might help you set your goals.

At the first day, we’re going to review and celebrate all the good stuff that happened in 2016. Here are the 10 questions and my answers.


What was time very well spent this year?

  • making art with my daughter
  • going out with my family
  • singing
  • having a great time with my girl friends
  • drawing
  • doing the exercises and joining the calls of 100 Rejection Letters
  • date nights
  • therapy sessions

What was money very well spent this year?

  • 100 Rejection Letters
  • holistic therapy sessions for me and for our daughter

What are your favorite memories of 2016?

  • group meetings with my girl friends
  • my birthday at a Budhist Temple
  • taking care of 4 puppies that were abandoned in our front door
  • a day at the water park with my family
  • valentine’s day
  • the change in my relationship with my mother
  • Pizza nights at my parents’

What did you accomplish or complete this year?

  • by October I had already doubled my revenue with JB Studios
  • I overcame my worst fears

Did you make any progress on long-term goals?

This one was very hard to answer because I didn’t have any long-term goals, I didn’t have clarity about what I wanted that’s why it is difficult to measure if I made progress. However, I see progress in so many areas of my life and I feel ready to set long-term goals now.

What felt successful about the year, as a whole?

I usually celebrate every little accomplishment, so instead of making a huge list I decided to mention one thing that influences all the others – self-growth. Hubby and I’ve been learning a lot and making changes in all areas of our lives, step by step.

Of course, I could not leave the growth of my creative business aside. After growing revenue 387% in 2015, I was able to grow 191% in 2016 and grew my audience a lot, too.

Did you overcome any obstacles or mental blocks this year?
Certainly. I overcame my worst fears. I finally allowed myself to say I’m an artist, started to like my drawings, tried new techniques and learned how to say no when something is not a good fit for me personally or in my business.

What did you learn about yourself after all that happened in 2016?
I think the most important was to discover one of my core values: freedom. I also see how important it is to know my core values, they may guide my decision-making better.

Who nurtured or supported you most this year?
My husband, my daughter, my parents, two digiscrapper designers who are also great friends – we are like a mastermind group, my creative team, Ginger and all her staff, my best friend and some other people on different occasions during the year. I have written more details in my journal. I won’t share them online.

Who did you enjoy nurturing and supporting?
My family, the people I collaborate with in my business, my subscribers and most of the people who also nurtured me.

And here’s day one of the review. I’ll be posting day 2 with a new list of prompts + my answers. All this review will lead us to my resolutions for 2017.

*Lisa’s series is called New Year For A New You, however I don’t like the idea of thinking of me as a new person, I’m always looking for becoming a better version of myself, opening up for my core values and truth. That’s why I changed the name for New Year For A Better Me.


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