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Creative Team Layouts: Catching Snowflakes

If you find yourself with a creative block or if you want to see how you can use products you bought, here’s your first stop for some scrapping inspiration.

Today, I’m sharing a collection of layouts made with Catching Snowflakes Digital Kit and a few of my thoughts and takeaways on each one. I hope you also get inspired to scrap your photos and memories.


Heidi amazed me with this layout. I love how she used that large picture and didn’t add many elements so the focus is on the photos. Framing the small photo with a bold frame was the perfect choice to make it the focal point. Perfection!


I love how Alane matched the colors in her photo with the colors of the elements and used a solid light background to contrast. I also like how she placed the frame under the picture and the layers of elements over the photo add depth.


I love patterned papers as backgrounds, I think they give so much interest to a scrapbook page. When using a patterned background, it’s important that your photo is not busy nor dark, what makes this page perfect! The photo pops from the background. I also like that she resized the elements so they don’t take the focus off the photo.


Kellie brought so much interest to her scrapbook page by adding the veneer snowflakes. I also love how she framed what is important on the photo. That heart inside on the O of her title is such a cute touch.


I always like how Em’s pages remind me of traditional paper ones. I think it’s because of the family photos and how she keeps them large. The banner on the bottom of the photo is a great touch.


Jen’s photo is so cool! I love cropped shots. Besides that, the colors of her photos give the tone for the whole layout. I love all those layers of papers and flowers and her shadowing is perfect.


Another large photo and it’s also beautiful! The flowers are pink and it’s not a color you can find in the kit, but the tone matched the papers and elements and the glitter on the elements match the snow on the flowers. Love it.


I love how Rabecca used a patterned paper on the left side and all the details that go from bottom to top. The babies are cute and I love the journaling, what a cute memory to keep.


What a beautiful scrapbook page by Cindy. Love that snowflake cut out, I like all the details and how the elements and photos create a triangle shape (always a good design).


Sheri’s photo is adorable and fit perfectly on the circle shape. She added snowflakes and other elements on the dark brush and made it so interesting. I love her title, too.


Tinci always amazes me with her layers of papers and clusters. These photos matched the kit colors perfectly.


Robin chose the perfect photos for this scrapbook page. I love the big circles and clusters. Everything about this page is so beautiful.

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