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The Word Of The Year 2017 | Trust

Hey, there!

For the past five years, I’ve been choosing words to guide me while I create the life I wanna have and become the person I wanna be.

Last year my word was EXPERIENCE.

I love how the word I choose always nurtures my year even when I don’t really focus on it. I was surprised during 2016 whenever someone gave me the opportunity to experience something new, it was like these people were in sync with my word.


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I won’t remember every little new experience I had, mainly because I didn’t keep a log. (It’s a good time to get back to the monthly recap here on the blog), but I wanna share some highlights of my experiences both in my personal life and online/professional life:

  • My family and I spent a day at a water park for the first time. It was an incredible experience, not only for the fun we had (and I had a lot!) but also because I allowed myself to be in a swimming suit for the whole day without worrying about what people would think of my body.
  • We supported my father in two of his swimming competitions. I feel so proud and happy about that.
  • My husband and I started to have a brief date night once in a while to enjoy one another and talk about our plans and ways to make our relationship even better.
  • I discovered the benefits of green-smoothies.
  • I discovered how gluten, excess fat, excess carbs and sugar can harm my body and productivity.
  • I spent my birthday with people I love in a Buddhist Temple. It was such a great experience, we took a free tai-chi-chuan class and I was surprised by how it worked my muscles. Besides that, we ended up having lunch in the Japanese neighborhood of São Paulo where I had never been before.
  • My husband and I went to an alternative (kinda hippie) bar in our town more than once and it’s such a friendly place. We also made new friends in there.
  • We went to the first Food Truck Festival in town. Besides trying Mexican food, a French dessert and craft beer, we also had fun watching a man singing and playing guitar and using some DIY instruments. It was fun.
  • We went to a free concert and I felt so happy that I had the chance to see Marjorie Estiano sing. She’s a Brazilian actress and singer who I like so much and I’d never saw her sing live before. She focuses more on her acting career.
  • I took 10 sessions of holistic therapy and they were essential for me in overcoming my worst fears.
  • I quit my day job and focused solely on my creative business.
  • I visited a new park in a neighbor town with my family to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Besides the park, we visited an orchid greenhouse and had lunch in a great restaurant by the river.
  • I had an open and honest conversation with my mother and that changed our relationship. Now, we are much more tolerant and lovely to each other.
  • I tried Bullet Journaling and that lead me to start drawing. I love drawing and it is something I want to incorporate into my life.
  • My daughter and I had a free sample of a singing class. I loved it and want to enroll soon.
  •  I went with my family to Maresias beach for the first time and stayed in a big, comfortable and beautiful house with a swimming pool, a great deck and a door to the beach.
  • I enrolled for 100 Rejection Letters.
  • I participated in an online call with 5 foreign people. I do use English on a daily basis but speaking live on a call is very different from blogging or texting.
  • I bought Your Best Year 2017 by Lisa Jacobs.

I know there’s more, but these give you a good idea of how my word nurtured my year. I always motivate people to choose a word for the year because it can make such a difference in your life.

Last year, I chose my word to guide me, I didn’t have any resolutions and it was incredible! It was the best choice for the moment I was living. My only goal was to follow my intuition and having no resolutions was a great move in that direction.

In October, I felt it was enough. I felt that the word Experience had already became part of me and my life, that I was ready for another word. When that happened, I decided to choose another word, one that would me guide in 2017. I chose DEPTH and while I started focusing on it, my word of 2016 was still influencing my life.

Two months later, while I was planning 2017 with Your Best Year 2017 I noticed that I needed another word. Depth is an important word for me for many reasons but it leads me to focus on mental activity and I know I need to give my ideas real action. I need to make and do much more than think because I’m an overthinker and that’s tiring and doesn’t take me to where I wanna go. I knew I needed another word but I couldn’t find one easily so I decided to let it come to me. I didn’t push.

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How right I was to do that! One day before New Year’s Eve, I decided to journal and the word came to me: TRUST. I wanna trust my intuition and give my ideas an opportunity to become real, I wanna trust my talents and ability to learn and develop good work, I wanna trust my husband to provide, I wanna trust my daughter to become a better person as she is getting into the teen years, I wanna trust my decisions and believe I know what’s best for me and my family, I wanna trust the divine to support me in creating the life I wanna live and become the person I wanna be. With all that, I won’t give much attention to my ego and all the self-doubt.

With my new word I also aim to activate the law of Action and Attraction in my life. I’m into learning about the 12 laws that guide our universe and for me, the best way to learn is by experiencing while I’m studying the subject.

How about you? What’s your word of 2017 going to be? Let me know in the comments.


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