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Throw Back Thursday #3

Hello Thursday! The day to remember something from our past. Today, I’m sharing a redo. I have a lot of old layouts I didn’t save the high resolution image to print. I print my layouts in 12×12 size that’s why I need the high resolution image otherwise they will get all pixelated. So, I’m re-making some of these layouts to print and add to our family album.

This is a layout from 2008 and re-making it brought a smile to my face. Oh my! Time flies, doesn’t it? Our daughter was an almost entirely bald baby and when she was growing and learned to speak, she complained about her short hair. It took a long time to grow and when it finally grew, we started doing it in many different ways.


This is a hairdo I used to wear when I was a teenager, however my “pompoms” were always down, over my neck. As she was a baby I knew we could do something cuter and made them up on the head. Pretty.

In this layout redoing project I have some rules.

I never change the photos, title and journaling. When I read it, I usually feel like I could improve it, especially because my writing skills improved over the years and also changed my feelings, thoughts and behavior as a mother. However, changing them feels like cheating to me and I wanna be honest with myself, this is how I felt and how I expressed my thoughts at that particular moment. My only goal is being able to add it to our family album, so I only change the products used and design. I don’t think it’s cheating because the most important to me is the memory itself, telling our stories, the text, title and photos tell it, they would tell the story even if I glued the photos to a napkin and wrote in pen. The embellishments are only a complement to make it look prettier. Who doesn’t like pretty things, right?

Here’s the old layout.

To make the new layout I used one template from the JDoubleU 13 pack. This pack is part of the November Templates Bundle that is on sale. You can get 12 templates for only $6.99. It’s less than $0.6 each template. The bundle is available only during November.





To scrap it I used the collection Wish Upon a Star. Here’s a special coupon to save $2 on purchase of the kit or the bundle. The fresh blues match my photos perfectly.




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