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Living a Creative Life is About Following the Heart


I’ve been in contact with the woo-woo side of living a creative and spiritual life for quite some time, I believe energy is powerful and we can make our lives much better when we are connected to the environment and others.

Yes, I do believe in energy. I’ve always believed. However, in the last couple of years, I came to realize that believing has layers. First, we believe intellectually using our brains and minds to make sense, to understand and justify our beliefs. However, we only start experiencing what we believe in when we believe with our hearts, when we accept it as real and not only as a concept in our minds.

As someone who always felt like I didn’t belong, in choosing a career especially, this is quite a profound concept. I’ve always just thought things would be easier, better if I just followed someone else’s path. Choose a career, go to college, find a great salary job and you’re done. But I see that’s not my truth, that’s not who I am. I cannot do something that doesn’t fulfill me. This was when I took my first leap of faith back in October 2014 when I decided to quit my day job and dedicate to my creative business.

Taking a leap of faith is following the heart. It’s been two years since I made that first decision in the direction of living a creative lifestyle and they have been incredible years. I cried a lot, felt scared to death, stressed incredibly and also had amazing moments of joy while discovering my strengths and power.

I’m still far from the life I love, I don’t even have an ideal life image in my head, but there’s one thing I determined – I believe in my intuition, I follow my heart. And that didn’t happen back in 2014. It happened this month, two years later. All that happened in these two years brought me here at this very moment to make this statement.

The artwork above is on my office wall to remind me to keep on finding the answers in my heart. This is the intention for this month.


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