November Journaling Challenge

Scrapbooking is about keeping our memories, recording our family stories forever for ourselves and generations to come. Photos are an important part of the memory keeping process, of course…  but I don’t think the saying “a photo is worth a thousand words” applies to scrapbooking. There are incredible photos and they can tell us a lot about the person, place or event, but it doesn’t tell all.

The importance of journaling in scrapbook pages

I remember many times when our entire family sat in granny’s living room with boxes of albums and started looking at old photos. When I say family I mean family members and relatives, we are a big family and we used to gather together very often). We laughed, got emotional, remembered people, trips and places… Every new photo was followed by a speech by someone who was there and lived that, sometimes more than one because not everyone remembers everything and sometimes information and facts get lost.

Nowadays, our entire family doesn’t gather together that often and our stories are spread and incomplete around the social media. I cannot remember the last time we did a session of browsing boxes of old photos. Even when we are all together celebrating something, we no longer have those photo browsing sessions because it’s getting harder and harder to see photos printed, they are in computers, cell phones, cloud servers and hard drives.


That’s why I think journaling is as important as photographs when it comes to recording our family memories. I like adding journaling to my pages, at least basic information as who, where and when. I usually write much more than that. My scrapbook pages are my perspective of life, they include my thoughts and feelings about the facts, stories, people, places… they are written by me.

That being said… It’s not a surprise that I chose to host the journaling challenge at Gingerscraps community. Every month, I post a new idea to inspire scrappers to write in their scrapbook pages. Some ideas come with lots of prompts, some are easier than others, some are very common, others make the participants think out of the box. I try to write ideas that inspire me to scrap and hope that others feel inspired, too. It’s been more than two years, and I am happy to see how many people have joined me to scrap their memories.

November Prompts

The November journaling challenge is posted and I invite you to scrap with me. Here’s an excerpt of it. We’re heading to the end of 2016 and that reminded me of a project I started some years ago. I scrap a page about me at the age I am, every year. My birthday is in February, it means I’m only 3 months from turning 36 and I totally forgot to scrap it this year. November is the best time of the year to express gratitude, right?! As my journaling has all to do with being grateful, I chose this project as our prompt this month.

Here’s my layout: Click here to read the journaling and see details.


In the challenge post you will find prompts to help you get started. Visit the forum now to see it.

To make this layout, I used Bounty of Blessings Kit and a template from JDoubleU 9 Templates pack.

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