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Creative Team Inspiration: Bounty of Blessings Kit

Friday is a good day to get inspired for a future scrapping time, right? Weekends are great for photographing moments with the family and also scrapping the photos and stories you’ve been wanting to tell. If you find yourself in a creative block or if you want to see how you can use products you bought. Here’s your first stop for some Friday inspiration.

Today, I’m sharing a collection of layouts made with Bounty of Blessings Kit and a few of my thoughts and takeaways on each one. I hope you also get inspired to scrap this weekend.


I like how Biancka leaves plenty of white space in her pages. Placing everything in the edge gives so much interest to the page. A good design rule is not centering your focal point, when you take it anywhere off the center, it becomes much more interesting. This rule also works for photos.


Heidi caught my attention with this page. Layouts with large photos are always so awesome. I think the small framed photo of the cabin made it even more special because you have two perspectives of the same place. So clever.


Heidi made the best background choice to go with all the colors of the patterned papers. The patterned papers worked perfectly to make her photo stand out because her photo is very light. Every scrapbooker should know how to balance the light on their photos. We don’t need to be experts on photo treatment, but fixing light/shadows is a great way to make our photos better.


I’m crazy about cluttered layouts. I know this style doesn’t get much of scrappers’ attention, but I love when there’s so much to see that I could spend an hour looking at every detail. Okay, I know I’m exaggerating here… one hour is too much for a page, but I could spend an entire hour in a gallery for sure. hehe What I think is very cool about Claudia’s layout is that she added 3 clusters of flowers – odd numbers are always more interesting – and they are placed in a triangle shape which is another great design rule.


It’s a very good start that Kristen’s photos have colors that match the kit, it makes the scrapping much easier. As she chose a dark paper for the background, her choice of flowers and leaves were perfect, because they are not too dark and it creates a good contrast.


Em used an ombre paper for her background, you can never go wrong with them, they add an interesting touch to the page. The main colors she chose match some colors in her photo what gives the page a great look. She also created a great balance by adding bits and pieces at the right and the left side of the page.


I love Jerilie’s family photos, they’re always dressed in the same colors or shades and that makes the page stand out. I like how she chose the aqua and yellow to go with the photos and added small accents, making the photos her focal point.

Throw Back Thursday Special

Bounty of Blessings is a kit I love and it’s our special feature this week on Throw Back Thursday. Click here to see it and get a huge discount coupon.


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