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My Scrapbooking Journey: Hobby vs. Work

I’ve spent the last couple of hours thinking about what digital scrapbooking means to me and that happened after reading Shannon’s McNab post of the reasons she retired from digital scrapbook designs. Her reason #1 started the gears of my brain and stamped a question mark on my forehead.

I had ups and downs since I started in the digital scrapbooking industry. I’ve started and quit twice because I was not confident enough about my ability to make it happen. I learned a lot and improved my skills not only in design but also in managing a small creative business from home.

And this was a dream come true. 

Yes, I was thrilled 6 months later when I realized I was doing it. I was working from home which gave me the opportunity to delve into the self-knowledge and self-development world and become aware of my fears and strengths and with that knowledge build a better life for me and consequently for my family.

In addition, I was learning so much about managing a small business and finding the balance between my personal life and work life, and learning new things makes me feel so alive that it was probably a big motivation to keep doing it even when I was scared to death of not making ends meet.


Hobby vs. Work

What I noticed and have mentioned many times since I got back to digital scrapbook designs in 2014 is that I lost my motivation to scrap my own family stories. I even lost my motivation to photograph our lives. I’ve been through such a roller coaster of energy and emotions while running JB Studio and adapting to this new lifestyle, facing very stressful and overwhelming moments and also delighted, joyful moments and that drained my willpower to scrap.

I differ from Shannon in that I haven’t traded scrapping for memory keeping to scrapping for business promotion. Actually, I’ve thought about it several times and I believe it might’ve helped to grow my business faster especially when I noticed a great growth of my shop popularity during a digital scrapbook contest I participated in back in 2015. But I didn’t keep doing it because it’s hard for me to make my scrapbook pages without having a story to tell.


I love designing products for digital scrapbooking and it’s part of the awesomeness in my life at this moment, but I miss scrapping so much. I miss recording our family stories and having fun with store challenges, I miss chatting in the community, connecting to other scrappers and exchanging knowledge. It seems like all my decisions are made for business purposes. They probably are.

I’m not retiring from digital scrapbook designs

Oh no! I guess you also noticed many designers retired this year. I know how hard it is, but any business is. Am I wrong?! As I said, I love designing products for digital scrapbooking and I don’t have any intention of stopping now. I’m still in the process of learning and improving my skills and I still love to learn.

Most noteworthy, improving my skills is what I’ve been wanting to do lately. Don’t get me wrong, focusing on the admin and marketing side of the business is something I also like doing (I’m a multi-passionate person), but sometimes I feel frustrated at working on a short timeline to design a collection to meet a shop deadline, for example.


Shannon’s reason #3 made me think about my next step. It’s relevant to say I write a recap of what is working and what is not working for JB Studio every month and here I am at that point again since we’re heading into a new month, so it is perfect timing!

More of what makes me happy

As a result of all that thinking, I registered for a coaching program to learn more about managing a creative business online with the intention of learning more effective ways of making it happen. I know I have so much to learn and experiment with.

Besides that, I wanna scrap more. I wanna get my mojo back and experiment with scrapping, too. Not only scrapbooking for scrapbooking-sake but trying new things, feel excited about scrapbooking again.

Do I know if it won’t harm my business? No, I don’t. But I’m hopeful it’ll do the opposite since I’ll be improving my skills and making more of what makes me happy.



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