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My Current System: October Set-Up

After a period of slowing down to take care of myself (mentioned in this post), I opened room to start new things (or try things that are not that new *grin). I made a late mid-year review using Your Best Year 2016 that I bought back in February and hadn’t used until now. I got back to bullet journaling and started applying the GTD methods of organization. Today, I’m sharing my October Set-Up following what I’m learning.

First thing, my monthly cover. I like to draw and while I draw I calm my mind to plan the month. I will color it one day because I love colors.


Calendar for Appointments

I use a calendar for family and personal appointments, nothing related to work goes here. I used this calendar format last month and it worked very well, however I’m feeling it’s gonna get very messy this month because we’re having lots of appointments. Maybe, I’ll change it for next month.

Note to self: Create a future log, you’re in need.


Month Overview 1

I created this page to add my focus for the month. I added a tracker because it’s a great way to see my social media growth. I don’t have goals for social media, actually my focus is always on my newsletter because this is what converts for me – it is work related. Now, I have someone in charge of the JB Tribe Group on facebook and I don’t get all stressed out about it anymore, I participate and try to comment and answer all questions, but it is very freeing to have someone in charge – this is also work related. My Youtube Channel is an experiment and my vídeos are in Portuguese and I share my self-development insights and progress, I started posting two weeks ago – it’s a personal project. Another personal project is posting to Instagram. I’ve been sharing my personal development attempts and progress using my bullet journal or other challenges I’m taking.

I’m sorry for the bad pic.


My Focus for October:

  • GTD methods and such: I’m applying the methodology slowly, I’m using what works for me and adapting what may not work. I really like how things are going and want to share more in the future. So, one of my focus points is to improve my organization/progress system.
  • Lose 8kg by my birthday: (for the Americans that are reading: 8 kilograms is almost 18 pounds). My birthday is in February, so it’s not a very hard goal and that’s because that’s not my only focus. Actually, my goal is to become a healthier person (my ideal goal is to become a very health conscious vegetarian in the future) and this is the first step. I’ve been adding one new habit every other week. Will share more in a future post. I will have all measurements again this month and check my progress so far, I know I lost some weight because my clothes are loser, my skin is more flaccid (that’s not a very happy outcome, but it means I’m losing weight *hehe) and people are noticing.
  • 2017 Planner: I have always wanted to create a planner, but not only a calendar + to-do list kind of planner. My Idea is more like a workbook + planner, but I gave up the idea now because I have other projects in progress that are more important. That’s why it’s crossed off my list.
  • Templates Shop: I decided to sell my designs exclusively at GingerScraps so I could open room to dedicate more time to my templates shop.
  • Working Hours: I know my mind is a creative chaos and I get distracted very easily. Most  of the changes I’m making in my habits are to be more focused and productive. I downloaded an app to track my sleeping hours which made me realize I wasn’t sleeping enough. Then I started tracking my working hours manually and it wasn’t working for me. Kara of Boho Berry posted a vídeo about her time log and it was perfect timing. I downloaded a time tracker and have been using it for a few days so I’m just getting used to it and don’t have that much to share, but I know I will become much more conscious about how I spend my time and it’s gonna help me. My goal is to increase my working time to 7 hours per day, leaving 1 or 2 days for youtube and blog.
  • Teachers’ Day Gift: Here in Brazil, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on Oct 15 and I want to make a DIY gift with my daughter to her teachers. So, I created a small project in my project notebook to make it happen (one thing I learned from GTD).



Month Overview 2

In this overview, I spread out my projects and things I need to get done in the four weeks. I first do it in pencil so I can erase and change things when needed. When it is divided in a balanced manner, I use a pen. This is the first time I’m doing it. I used to plan weekly because I felt a bit trapped when planning for the whole month. After writing my values and starting new projects, planning a whole month doesn’t seem so difficult anymore. I think this overview will be very helpful when I’m planning the following weeks.


Weekly Log

I started this format two weeks ago and it’s working very well so I’m keeping it. I have my appointments at the top and birthdays on the bottom, they are migrated from the calendar and are reminders for me.


  • Projects: Here’s a list of the projects in progress or that I want to start this week. All action steps for the projects are in my projects notebook, so every day I check it to add tasks to my daily log.
  • Tasks: These are all things I need to get done that are not related to any of the projects. I tried to make this list short, only the most important stuff because I want to be focused on my projects.
  • Dailies Tracker: This is to track my new habits and other things I need reminders for because they are not habits yet.

And that’s it. Let’s see how productive I am this month with the new changes and methods.



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