Moving Forward: A New Lesson Learned

I had the intention of getting back to blogging so many times and I just couldn’t find the right conversation to bring. It’s been day-in-day-out trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about and nothing really occurs to me. Actually, a lot of different topics came to my mind, but I didn’t know if they were the right topic. I read blogging tips, tutorials and workbooks and all of them state that you have to find your niche and choose the topics you want to approach in that niche. I’m a scrapper and digiscrap designer, so scrapbooking is part of my life and job, but that’s not the only thing I want to talk about. I love self-development and motivational stuff, but I’m not an expert, I’m just taking my own journey through it. I like trying new recipes once in a while and organization systems. There’s a lot more I love, but for now, these are the topics I want to blog about.

 So why haven’t I?!

Becoming aware of the REAL problem

Perfectionism. And its first name is FEAR. Fear of choosing the wrong topic and losing the desire to blog and quitting once again. Fear of making it become another task on my to-do list when it is actually something I love doing and I wanna do from my heart. Fear of sounding flaky. Fear of not feeling comfortable with what I have to say about the subject. Fear of being too vulnerable and crossing the line of too much exposure.

And then, there’s a voice in the back of my head saying “C’mon. It’s just a blog. Why worry so much about it?!”

That is the question that changed everything. It made me realize that it is not just a blog. It is important for me. Blogging has always been something important for me … I have already started 3 or 4 blogs. I am a communicator and I like sharing what I learn. I’ve always been like this, it’s one of my personality traits… most likely the reason why I became a teacher anyway. I put too much emphasis on it because I was trying to do it in the wrong manner. I wanted to merge it with my design business since I’m using its name domain and I wanted to make it Professional when I should be doing it as a hobby.

Suddenly, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders (so much lighter) and realized that this is a stress I created myself. No one was pushing me. Oh, our minds play tricks on us all the time, right?

Ok, let’s get back to the point where I realized it’s a hobby, not a business. It doesn’t mean it is not important because it is. This is one of the things that makes me happy. I believe we can learn a lot from each other and it fulfills my heart to know I can touch others as I’ve been touched by amazing people in my life. And it’s not right to keep me from doing it out of fear.

Making a decision

I read some of my old posts and I asked myself who was the one writing those because the content was good, but the voice… too formal and that’s not me. Why did I think it would be more valuable if it was that way?! One of my values is honesty. I hate when people try to be something they are not and I feel like I was doing that without even noticing.

That’s why I decided to get back to blogging as I used to do before. From my heart, sharing what I like, my experiences, my goals and achievements, my own insights and takeaways, my efforts on the journey to becoming a better person.

What I’m reminding myself of:

  • Life is not a straight road, it has ups and downs and we can get the most from it when we are willing to evolve.
  • You can always learn something new about yourself. It may be something you don’t like at first, but you are fortunate for learning because then you can choose to take action and step forward.
  • Embrace what is right now because you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Life timing is not your timing. Trust it.
  • Don’t let excitement go over the top, too much of anything is harmful. Feel the joy of making a decision and take the next step towards the life you wanna create.

Here’s a new chapter of my journey. I’m creating the life I love to live.


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