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Get inspired after iNSD frenzy and burn out

After the iNSD festivities*, do you feel burned out? Do you feel like your mojo left you after scrapping so much during the festivities? Or maybe you didn’t have time to scrap because you were collecting freebies and grabbing the best deals around and now you feel like you don’t know where to start.

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the questions, this post is perfect for you. Grab a cup of your favorite drink and get comfortable because this is going to be long, but I promise you are going to feel much more inspired to start scrapping something (or maybe doing something else you would like to) after reading it.

*iNSD = international Scrapbooking Day. All digiscrap stores and communities have lots of festivities that include games, chats, challenges, huge sales, hops and more…


As a digiscrap designer, I usually feel a bit tired after iNSD, we always work hard to offer the best deals for our audience. Unfortunately, I rarely find time or energy to scrap and play along with the festivities. There’s a mix of feelings in that, I love to design and offer opportunities for scrappers to spend less and get more, I also love to buy lots of things myself. But, I wish I could spend some time online only for the pleasure. This has been a current subject in my mind in the last couple of days… Sometimes, I get lost in all the noise outside and I forget to listen to my heart and what makes me truly happy.

I’ve been whining about the lack of time or inspiration to scrap for more than a year, and one of my dreams (not the biggest or fanciest) is to have lots of albums full of memories in our living room that whisper “come see what’s inside” to everyone who walks into our house. The question in my mind is “how far this dream is from reality?” Surprisingly, the answer is “not much.” How hard is it to stop, scrap, save, upload it to the print service company website, pay for it, wait for delivery and add it to the album? You see, sometimes we think something is so far from reality when it is actually so doable. All it takes is that we set it as a priority.

We are capable of doing whatever we want. 
All we need is to take ourselves seriously and set priorities.

There are things we prioritize in our lives because they are needed for our existence. When you’re hungry, you eat. I bet you don’t procrastinate that (maybe once or twice in a week, right? LOL). You put gas in your car otherwise, it won’t work. You feed your children, drive them to school, clean the house, etc. These are all necessary, so you have no option, you just do them. What about the things you dream about? The things that are optional? Are you going to opt-in for them? When are you going to do that?

This month, I’ve made choices. I chose to make DIY projects, re-do old scrap pages, share what I learn spontaneously, connect, and catch-up so I can work ahead. These are all things I’ve been wanting to do for months and kept procrastinating. Adding them to my routine made me realize there’s enough time, I have enough energy and the more I do, the more energy I find to do more.

Here are some of the things I’ve done so far in May.

I’ve bought this small end table for very cheap months ago and I hadn’t painted yet. It holds a vase of flowers. That little cage was the perfect touch to embellish it.


We went to a 15th birthday celebration and I wanted to give a special and cheap gift, so I bought wooden boxes and a string and voilá. The cage was only for the photo, it is the same cage from the picture above. LOL

I so want to make one of this to hold condiments in my kitchen.


We are on a budget and that’s why I decided to make the gifts for the celebrations we had this month. These aromatizers were very easy and cheap to make. They have artificial flowers and little rocks used in aquariums. The aromatizer is made with cereal alcohol, aromatizer essence and water.


I also started re-doing old layouts that I didn’t keep the high resolution images to print. Some months ago I had 10 printed at Pernisckety and I love their service. Here are the new pages. These are from 2006 and 2007, it is so good to re-visit the memories of when my daughter was a baby.


the cutest baby face

What about you? How long are you going to procrastinate the simple things that will make you happy?



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