A simple motivation technique that achieves big results


Every new year we swear things are going to be different. We’re going to get it together, we’re going to become masters of organization and productivity. We expect that everything in our life is just going to fall into place and we’re going to achieve all the goals we procrastinated in the previous years. Unfortunately, only a few weeks later we get ourselves into the same old habits and procrastinate what we desire so much. I have fallen into this cycle over and over again, but then I discovered a freeing technique that has made a huge change in the way I approach my daily tasks.

I’ve talked about the 7 steps to avoid procrastination some weeks ago, and I’m still that girl looking for new strategies and techniques to self-improvement and productivity. So, I’m always reading blogs and books, watching videos, periscopes and webinars and this technique I learned is so simple to implement and yet very powerful. Hopefully, it will be the thing that will help you be productive all year long.

It’s repeating the affirmation let it go.
As I said, it’s very simple.

We all know the power of affirmations and how our thoughts and talk influence our attitudes. We can empower ourselves when we feel like we don’t have what it takes by what we repeatedly say to ourselves. But that’s not the only benefit of affirmations. We can also use them as a tool to make us conscious of our attitudes in the present moment.

When I first heard about this technique in a periscope a couple of weeks ago, I thought it wouldn’t be strong enough to make me get focused, and consequently, wouldn’t get me motivated. What I found, though, was exactly the opposite. It made me get so focused on finishing the task I was working on that I got addicted to it.

What this affirmation does for me is make me conscious of how I get distracted. You see, as an intense creative person, I naturally try to multi-task whenever I find a gap between two activities. For example, while waiting for a website to load, I remember an e-mail I need to respond to. When I realize I’m doing such a thing, I say let it go repeatedly until I’m conscious of how important it is to finish the main task I’m working on.


Imagine you’re listening to a live version of a song and you know the song by heart, so you sing along without even thinking of it – you do it in an automated way. However, it’s a live version and singers tend to make some changes in live versions. So, when your favorite singer makes a twist on the song, you stop and realize you can’t keep singing the song because you’re not familiar with this version. That’s what happens when you repeat let it go when you get distracted, you stop the automated activity of your brain and get conscious about what is more important and then you go back to work.

Another recurrent way I get distracted is on social media. As I work designing or writing for the blog, l usually need to get information on facebook where I connect with the store staff, creative teams or find inspiration on Pinterest (my favorite place!). If I’m not aware, I will start browsing and browsing and find lots of interesting things and will likely get lost in the wonderland of super amazing stuff and without realizing it… an hour passes by.

Can any of you other creatives out there relate?

Repeating let it go to myself helps me focus on what I’m there for. I know I’ll be able to get back to the other interesting stuff another time because one of the 7 steps I take to avoid procrastination is set myself play time, remember?

I love organizing tools, that’s why I created a day-planner printable following the urgent/important to-do lists style and some reminders that help me keep focused. Of course, I couldn’t keep it to myself. Yes, the printable is here for you. Because I want you to stop procrastinating what matters, too.

Oh, and if you prefer the A5 sized printables, you can download it here, too.


{Printable no longer available}

How I use the printable

I add this to my bullet journal. I start by tracking the time. It’s one of the few things I color code in my bullet journal. Then I move to my “to dos” for the day. I break my list into urgent and important items. Urgent being the things I need to finish first because they are on a deadline or I’ve put off before, I keep them up to three. Important being the things that need to be done before they become urgent. I usually use the important and urgent boxes to work, home and personal tasks and I add appointments, calls, things I need to buy or other kinds of notes in the proper boxes. Finally, I write down how I want to feel that day in the blank space. I keep it simple and clean so I can doodle, take notes or journal if I feel like. It’s a good way to make it faster so I don’t need to make all lines and titles every single day, but I still can make it unique.

So now, download the free printable and plan your day. I hope it helps you get focused on getting more things done. Especially the things that matter the most to you, so you create the life you truly love.


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