The secret to why you haven’t found your passion yet


If you are a multi-passionate person like me or you are frustrated that you haven’t been able to focus your passion on anything in particular, don’t beat yourself up over it. I have a secret that will bring hope to your heart followed by a worksheet with actionable steps because all you have to do is take action. I mean it. Just try things out. You can only find your passion when you experience it.

The Secret:
You can only like (or dislike) what you try

There are no magic pills that will bring light to your mind. When you see others living a happy life doing something you think you’d love, you are mistaken to think they just woke up one day and had an a-ha moment. Believe me when I say it’s not that easy.

Watching others doing what they love is inspiring, but it doesn’t compare to how it feels to do what YOU love. How you would experience a venture is not going to be exactly how they experience it because we are all a bit different from each other. When you start doing things you might also discover that some aspects are often a bit messier in real life than in you perceive them in books, blogs, or where it may seem like everything is perfect and beautiful as a fairytale. But that’s part of the fun of finding your own passion rather than just watching or reading about others’ – experiencing it for yourself.

One of the things I love the most is sharing knowledge. I believe that knowledge is the best skill anyone can have, and nobody can take it from you. I believe that’s one of the reasons why I became a teacher some years ago. At the risk of portraying something different than humble, I believe I did a good job because my students and my coordinators complimented my work. When we are passionate about something, we usually make it incredible and we get recognition even though we are not expecting it. We are usually doing it only for the amazing feeling of gratitude to be able to do something we are passionate about. And I was passionate during the 4 years I taught English in the language school. Then I became a coordinator and I came across two additional passions – organizing systems and leading a team. I would have never known I was passionate about organizing systems, spreadsheets, analyzing data if I hadn’t experienced it. It doesn’t mean I lost my first passion. In actuality, it evolved to a new level since I was teaching teachers. And while I was teaching them, I was learning a lot of new things. Another passion, I may say.


The most incredible thing happens when you take action. You activate the energy of the universe in favor of what you believe. If you believe something is your passion and you take action towards it, the universe gives you opportunities to experience that.

It’s like when you go shopping for clothes. You may like an outfit in the window, but the only way to be certain it looks good on you is to go in the store and try it on. You may get lucky and notice you look very elegant and sexy in that outfit, so that makes you feel so happy that you buy it right away. However, you may also find it doesn’t flatter your body type when you look at yourself in the mirror. In that case, you feel disappointed and the only thing you can do is thank the salesperson and leave the store. It is the same with passion, you have to try it out. When you find something you really like, embrace it. If you start and eventually end up losing that fire that ignited your heart in the beginning, it’s time to thank the universe for the opportunity and let it go.

>> Click here to download the worksheet with the first steps towards finding your passion.

Bonus Secret:
You have to do it again, again and again.

A very important thing to remember is experiencing something you like can take more than just one try. You may need a week, maybe a month, maybe a whole year doing something to discover it’s your thing. It will depend on you observing your feelings while you evolve. One of the hardest things in life is to do what you think is right for you. Not what your friends, family, teachers, boss and society expects from you. Following your passion (even when you are not sure about it yet) will make you get out of your comfort zone and consequently, the people around you will be uncomfortable too. You need to be consistent, otherwise you will never reach your destination (I may say your destiny, right?).

Why am I talking about consistency now?
Because taking action is the first step, and being consistent is just as important. The process of finding your passion takes time and may require you to change habits. That’s when your comfort zone and also the comfort zone of others around you will be shaken.

After 3 years as a coordinator at the school, I started to feel my energy and inspiration draining. I realized I didn’t feel the same passion about it as in the beginning. My passion was evolving again because I was practicing self-development – a topic I was always researching so I could give teachers more tools to help students’ learning issues and behavior. However, after some family problems, I was working long hours and couldn’t find moments for myself to read or study. That lead me to quit my job and work from home growing my side business in the digital scrapbooking industry. It was the perfect environment to learn and experience self-development and also evolve my passion into what I’m doing now – sharing my own experiences and knowledge about living an inspired and happy life with purpose.

It lead me to change habits, change my environment, change my family routine, and go through hard times in many aspects.  However, I was consistent through it all. It’s like an athlete who is training for a competition, he must practice for hours every day, he must immerse himself in a whole new life – habits and routines – to get the body condition he needs for the competition.

Click here to download the worksheet with the first steps towards finding your passion, and you will also get a planning sheet and a tracker to get started now.

Not really a secret:
Time will pass no matter what you do.


You may think trying something for months to find it’s your passion (or not) is too long. I recommend you ask yourself how long you want to be living a life with no purpose, an ordinary life. Your time is one the most important things you have available. Don’t waste a huge chunk of it wondering or watching others living their dream lives. Start taking action towards what you really want out of life today.

>> Click here to download the worksheet with the first steps towards finding your passion.


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