Achieve your goals by following an action-affirmation


We all know the power of positive affirmations, right? It’s been said everywhere from books to workshops, from blogs to webinars. I’ve been exposed to this concept for years now, and something I asked myself was how I could bring positive affirmations alive. I mean, how I could turn positive thinking into real positive action? I call these action-affirmations.

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We are living in an age of seeking for a greater life and living with purpose. I see lots of people looking for their passion, talking about living a simpler life, changing their habits, and trying to be healthier and happier. There are lots of people who speak beautiful words, but don’t speak from their heart. I wouldn’t call them a fraud, no one is a bad person to think and speak the way they do.

Some of us never learned how our thoughts and talk influence our lives. If our parents didn’t know it and their parents didn’t know either, how could they teach us? It’s time for all of us to wake up and begin to consciously create our lives in a way that we feel we are truly living. Our goal as human beings is to be happy, and the only way of doing it is by doing what comes from our hearts. Forget about all that “I’ll make a difference in the world” syndrome that is all over the internet. You can only impact other people’s lives when you are doing what comes from your heart, you need to impact your own life first.

Are you feeling enthusiastic about your life when you wake up every day?

If not, it’s time to change that. The first thing you need to realize is that every thought or word you say is an affirmation. That means affirmations are not only positive. Actually, we tend to have more negative thoughts and talks than positive. Every complaint, angry moment, or “not enough” thought creates your reality. The good news is our beliefs attract more of the same. We can attract more of what we want when we believe we deserve. You may say it’s easier said than done. I know, I’ve been there too. And here’s a motivator: the harder it seems, greater is the reward.


The year of 2015 was life-changing for our family. We decided the best for me and my family was quitting my full-time job (plus extra hours) and working from home because I would be able to focus on myself and finally find the healing to the ups and downs of depression I’d been in since I was a kid. I knew it wouldn’t be easy because we couldn’t afford to pay all our costs of living with only my husband’s salary. That’s why I went back to class to teach, it gave me the flexibility to choose the working hours I wanted and I could manage to work on my creative brand while teaching some hours during the week.

I’d tried growing my creative business in previous years, but I never really believed I could do it and I ended up throwing the towel. Why would this time be different? Because I decided, I chose. I was still feeling afraid, actually I was freaking out, but I thought I should do it. No more excuses.

One of the things that helped me go through the hard moments is that I looked for a quote (I’m addicted to quotes as you can see in my posts – he he) and found one from Walt Disney (someone who inspires me every day) that touched my heart. In the beginning, I wrote it on sticky notes and placed on my workstation, and I wrote it in my planner. I repeated it to myself whenever I felt afraid and thought of giving up. It reinforced my decision. I believed that I should keep on doing the work because it was going to pay off.


And it did. I’m living a greater life now and my family is happier too. We’re not living our dream life, but we are happy with the life we are living now because we know we are heading to our dream life. Part of it is enjoying the journey.

The difference between positive affirmations and action-affirmations.

I name some quotes and affirmations as action-affirmations because they motivate me to take action. Some affirmations are only focused on being positive and that’s good as well. However, sometimes we need more than only positive thoughts. To be honest, the thing we need the most to create the life we truly love is taking action.

It’s like writing a book. I hear lots of people saying they want to write a book (me included), and they may have the belief that they will do it one day. However, if they’re not doing anything to make it a real possibility, it’s only an Idea; only positive thinking. It’s not action.

Find your own action-affirmations.

Affirmations are tools that support our own ideas. If you want to do something, but feel afraid of trying or if you started something and feel a bit anxious about the outcome, find an affirmation that motivates you to do the necessary work.

Maybe a quote or an affirmation may not motivate me to take action, but it may motivate you, it’s very personal. Search for them on Pinterest, books or blogs you read. When you resonate with one, keep it.

Want to know more about the power of affirmations and how you can change your life through a positive thinking? Author Louise Hay wrote a book named I Can Do It – How to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life. I like her approach and positive talk. She’s very inspiring.

It’s your turn. Tell me if you believe in the power of positive affirmations. Do you have any quotes or affirmations that inspire you? Share them here in the comments.


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