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Clever collections ideas for your bullet journal

Hey, there!

As you know, I’m experiencing a different kind of planner this year. It’s a mix of planner and journal and it gives me room not only to track my goals and daily tasks, but also to stay focused and motivated because I am always adding affirmations, gratitude notes, focus notes to myself, etc… The best part is the flexibility I have to change things along the way. That is working so well for me.

As a newbie I’m always searching for ideas and inspiration. The first place I visit is instagram under #planwithmechallenge tag, I usually find great stuff and can interact with the other journallers, besides that it can lead me to blogs and websites for more information.

Something I love about bullet journal is the concept of collections. As an addicted to lists, collections really attract me.

What are collections?

They are lists of things that are related by a common theme or purpose. Collections are great for organizing specific lists such as shopping list or reading list, classes, projects…

pic by anitacanita via Foter.com CC BY-NC-ND

Here are my favorite collections (so far):

  • Things I wanna do before… ~ This is one that I’m passionate about. Keep a list of things you want to do before a certain age, before the baby arrives, before you get married… and you’re more likely to have a blissful life doing what matters the most to you. Take a look at mymessybujo’s collection of 30 before 30.
  • Books I wanna read ~ I always get book reccomendations from webinars, blogs, events, friends and how can I manage to remember all that? Perfect collection!
  • Dates ideas ~ When I saw this idea over at xicancri I knew I wanted to start my own. Being married for almost 14 years can lead us to a boring routine, finding something interesting to do when we have some time alone will help us have better moments together.
  • Wanderlust ~ Create a list of places you would like to visit. Next time you have some time off or on vacation, use this list to choose where to go and start planning your trip.
  • Monthly Favorites ~ Everyone in the digiscrapbooking community knows Lynnette’s monthly pages of favorites. If you are a scrapper, you can have a collection as notes for your future pages. If you’re not, you may find it very interesting to read your past lists months or years after. What about having faves collections for the whole family?
  • Stories I wanna scrap ~ It’s another one for scrapbookers. I like to keep a list of pages I want to make. Something happens and you want to make sure you add that to your family album, but you can’t make a page at the moment, add to your collection for the next time you’re in your scrapbooking time. It’s a good way to keep a log of unfinished projects, too.

I hope you like the ideas. Do you have any other favorite collection? Share in the comments.

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day.


5 thoughts on “Clever collections ideas for your bullet journal”

  1. I am doing this challenge and connected your link to mine as you are my favorite inspiration. Is this okay with you, Jackie Paulson


  2. Thank you very much for creating a link to my blog, means a lot to me! Glad you enjoyed the idea of creating a list of dates, it is very useful in my relationship 🙂

    – Agathe


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