Scrapbooking Sunday 3/52: Story Starters

Hey, there!

As a scrapbooker, there is nothing worse than having a blank creative slate. Though going through your photos folders, public galleries and blogs can usually help, I like to have notes of prompts for storytelling. Scrapbooking is all about photos, but journaling is as important so I usually get more inspired by story starters than design or photos.

That’s why I will keep lists of story starters here in the blog to inspire me and hopefully you to scrap our memories. This month I searched for ideas on JB Studio’s galleries and here’s what I like the most.

Scrap about one of your pet’s habit ~ what a clever idea! I have already scrapped about my pets, but never scrapped about their habits and it’s something so funny or lovely so it’s a worthy memory to keep. Love this page by Sheri Catherine.

Sheri Catherine

Scrap about something that happened after a big event ~ talking about clever ideas… I’ve always seen prom and graduation pages, but never saw a page about what happened after it. Page by Janeal.


Scrap about something you are starting or starting over ~ January is the perfect month for resolutions and scrapping about things you want to try again, start again and commit to. Page by shawbear.


Scrap about a long term love ~ Love is always great inspiration for a scrapbooking page, I love the journaling on hclappy’s page.

Cherry on Top Essentials bundle, Splatters, and Wordbits by JB Studio

Scrap about something in progress ~ Do you have a project, a goal, a dream or anything in progress? What about writing how you feel during the process? I bet you’re gonna love to remember that when you get to the end. Page by me.

Em andamento_700

Scrap about a good place for protographs ~Did you find a perfect place for photographing? Scrap about it. I love the pics in this page by hclappy.


Scrap about then and now ~I love those pages comparing someone or something in the past and now. Children, families, places, houses, pets… Great page by chancelorfamily.


I hope it inspires you and help on those moments you lose your mojo.

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day.



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