Scrapbooking Sunday 3/52: Adding Background Elements To A Journal Card with Quote


Hey, there!

Today I have a guest post. Yay!

Lynnw is member of JB Studio Creative Team and she offered to write a tutorial for you which made me super happy because I commited to the Scrapbooking Sunday series to inspire you to scrap your memories and my idea is to have 4 different kinds of posts every month and tutorial is certainly part of them. However tutorials are time-consuming and sometimes I just can’t think of anything to teach you, so having guests is a great way to give you great ideas along the year.

Lynnw scrapped this great page for her pocket album last year and I love what she did to the journal card on the bottom right. She added confetti rings to the quote card and made it look even more beautiful and festive.

Click here or on the image for full creditwk53a.jpg

So let’s learn with Lynnw.

Hi everybody! CTM Lynn here.

Here is a quick and simple tutorial on how to add background elements to a journal card with a quote on it.


Since I try to keep up a weekly pocket album, I love using journal cards because they’re a quick and fun way of filling up my pages and making sure I keep meeting my own deadlines. Last week, I wanted to incorporate Dani’s awesome Because I can journal card in my pocket layout, but as you can see from the finished layout, I love bold patterns, bright colours and lots of details, so the journal card in the kit was a little too minimalist for me.

Enter the magic trick of adding background elements without losing the quote!

Follow the steps below to add anything you want to your journal cards to spice them up a little. Trust me, it’s simple!

STEP 1 | The first thing you do is simply opening up the journal card on your canvas. Next, you duplicate this layer so that you have two identical journal cards on top of each other.


STEP 2 | We will be working with the top layer, first. So, having selected the top journal card as your active layer, use your Magic Wand tool to select the solid paper background. Since it has a bit of texture, you may have to expand the selection a little to make sure you get all the itty bits.

Note: In the editing program I use, expanding 60 worked just fine. Dani tried on Photoshop and it selected all the solid paper area, no need to expand.


Once you have the solid paper background selected, simply hit Delete and you will be left with only the quote.

STEP 3 | Now all you have to do is insert the elements you want to add  between the first and second journal card. I chose a double portion of confetti.


And there you go, added visual interest to a great journal card! See, I told you it was simple.

I hope this was useful for you. Now you can add confetti, beads, paper scatters, paint splatters, stickers, basically anything to your journal cards! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Products Used:

  • This Year I Will Page Kit by JB Studio
    @ Gotta Pixel   |   @ Gingerscraps
  • Template by Mommyish
  • Fonts are KG When Oceans Rise and Travelling Typewriter

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