Family Album 2015: Happy Together

Hey, there!

Last year, our daughter started studying in a new school. It’s a beautiful place, much bigger than where she studied before. Lots of nature which I knew she was going to love. Some of her classmates from the old school were moving there, too. However, I knew she needed to adapt to new classmates, new teachers, new methods, everything new. And we, as parents, would have to get used to their procedures, too.

It was an amazing change.
We really like the new school.

Of course we had some stressing moments, but I think the good stuff is much bigger and I’m very grateful for the change. It’s a catholic school and I like their values and how they care about the kids. Besides that, they offer some extra classes and events that made us become closer as a family. It was the perfect timing for the change since I changed from a full time + extra hours job to part time and spent more time at home.

I chose this photo to illustrate the page because it was one of the great family moments at school. It was a talent show and her group paid a tribute to Jovem Guarda which was a very important musicians group  in the 60’s in Brazil. They danced Negro Gato song.

Self note: I guess I should scrap a page about the talent show and the tribute itself, right? 

Click here or on the image for full credithappy-together700

Journaling reads: I felt blessed since the beginning when our daughter changed schools. And today, at the end of the year, I can only confirm that the change was for the best, beyond her education. Colégio Sion is a catholic school and they teach ethics and social living which makes students more united and respectful. It reflects not only in students, but also in their families. In some moments, due to a busy routine, I was stressed about having to prepare and buy stuff for their events. But at the end, I’m very happy with them. Day of the Family, Circus Students Presentation, Mother’s Day, picnic, etc… They were great moments we could enjoy as a family. The Best thing is to extend that to our home, talking, playing, watching series, making art and studying (which is more stressing than happy, actually… but necessary). But the most important is to be together. Always.

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day.



This layout was inspired by SSD Dec, 2015 Bingo Challenge #10: Cozy Little Moments

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