AAM Layout: New Version of Me & Bake Sale ($1 Deals)

Hey, there!

This week has been anything but ordinary. Actually it’s been extraordinary because I’ve been setting my bullet journal and that made me reflect about 2015. I’ve already talked about it in the post about my one word for 2016. But I thought I could make a scrapbook page to add to my AAM (All About Me) Album.

It’s a celebration layout before I turn 35.

click here or on the image for full credits

Journaling reads: Where’s that Daniella Who was too worried, stressed, pissed off? Where’s that Daniella that couldn’t celebrate her achievements, because was too worried about what she considered problems, with the futuro and what she didn’t have any control over? She’s not here anymore. This one is 3.5 version that was launched one or two months earlier, someone whos believes in her intuition, that listens to her heart and that is faithful that everything is gonna be alright and that keep on her journey, because she understands her role, her mission. Walking her path is now her main goal. Welcome new version! Nore conscious, more confident, more everything that she always deserved. Welcome new version that gives herself the gift of the present.

I used Let It Go Bundle to make this page because it is a perfect fit, I just let go of trying to control my life and am now living it.

Good News!
It’s only $1


Save now!

Let It Go Page Kit
Christmas Time
Tell Your Story: September

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day.


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