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A new addiction: Bullet Journal

Hey, there!

My one word for the year is EXPERIENCE. What I aim for 2016 is practical contact, physical movement, action. There is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of being inert, not learning new things, not meeting new people, not trying new tastes, not doing what I love, not loving my life. How much of action do I miss by keeping everything in my mind, only dreaming or reflecting? This year, I want to keep on dreaming and reflecting while learning to take action towards what matters to me.

This is a serie of posts about my experiences in 2016.

I’m not naturally organized, I have to work hard to have things done and to get motivated to do what is necessary and at the end I don’t have all done as often as I’d like to. It’s not simple as I do things because they have to be done for me. My mother is the kind of person who is very productive and it seems to be so easy for her, it’s her nature. Can you imagine how frustrating it’s been for me all these years as a mother and wife? I just can’t take care of all the family/work stuff without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. And then I wonder what’s the mater with me.

When I decided to work part time and dedicate my day hours to JB Studio while looking after my daughter’s performance at the new school last year, I started trying all kinds of planners I found online. I think about four worked for weeks before being abandoned on my desk while others were only time consuming to set and never used.

First thing I did towards planners and organizers in 2016 was creating my own pack of printable sheets. To make it flexible, I created only the pages I would use in January and the idea is to create others as the year unfolds and I have the need. You can see and order the pack at Gotta Pixel and Gingerscraps.


And then my printer stopped working and I couldn’t get my planner sheets set and something unexpected happened. During my searches for planning ideas and goal setting tips for 2016, I came accross Bullet Journal.

I’m totally in love.

Photo credit: harpsicello via Foter.com CC BY-NC-ND

I mentioned one of my big dreams in this post. Another dream I have is to know how to design beautiful pieces of handlettering and doodles, for that I need a lot of practice. When I saw the perfect mix of planning the year, journaling, handlettering and doodling… I was blown away… I spent a night browsing #planwithmechallenge at Instagram and reading blogs about it, getting in touch with the approach to understand its meaning. And yes, I love it because…

…it it’s flexible and creative. 

It really is. I can do whatever I want, I can change things as I go. I can doodle, I can write and I can finally have all notes in one place.


But… and here comes a big but…

I want to make things simple, take a day at a time, a goal at a time, an experience at a time. I don’t want to start lots of things and then get overwhelmed and never finish them. So I stepped back for a moment and thought about how that could fit into my life right now. These is the conversation I had with myself:

  1. Does it reflect what’s within you?
    Yes. Because it’s flexible and I can express myself through words and doodling. And I’m a paper person more than digital when it’s about my plans and goals. 
  2. Does it meet your needs now?
    Yes. Because I need a place for all my notes. I keep taking notes everywhere and miss them, miss deadlines, miss inspiration notes, miss lists of books I would like to read, etc. 
  3. Does it lead you toward your goals & dreams in 2016?
    I think it can help me plan, get motivation and keep track of the experiences and changes of my life this year. However I think it may be time consuming and probably a little bit stressing if I try to doodle and practice handlettering. 
  4. How can you adapt it to meet your needs and yet keep it simple?
    . I will use it to journal my reflections and gratitude
    . I will take notes of webinars, insights, seminars, podcasts, books, etc. so I can always have them at hand
    . I will doodle when I have some inspiration
    . I will create lists (because I can’t live without them!)
    . I will focus on the writing, so this is gonna be secondary as a creative outlet and will be seen as a way of being organized and sticking to my experiences and adventures. 

And that’s how I got to the planner I’m experimenting now. It’s a mix of planner and bullet journal that I’ll try to make work for me. I’ll share more on how I’m using it and what’s working for me in the future.


What about you? Do you have a system that works for you? Are you looking for something that fits your life style? Share your thoughts in the comments here.

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day.


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