Pocket Scrapping: A quick glance at 2015

Hey, there!

And I will tell you why…

I finally overcame the struggle to scrap pocket pages. I’ve been willing to scrap pocket pages forever because I love love looooooove cards. I love designing them and I love looking at them and I get all amazed by pocket pages. But, whenever I tried scrapping a pocket page I felt trapped by the pocket limits.

A couple of months ago, I decided to give it a try again after months and it turned out great. You can see the 2006 catch-up pages here, here and here.

What happens now is that whenever I’m gonna scrap a page, I want to make it pocket, because it’s so easier. (LOL)

A quick glance at 2015

I’m inspired to tell our 2015 memories. I realized some days ago that I’m a catch-up scrapper. Scrapping as I go doesn’t always work for me, but the end of the year is a great moment to review some of our memories.

This year was pretty amazing!
I’m so thankful for all the great things…
… for all lessons learned as well.

family memories 2015_700

Journaling reads: This year was a year of changes for us. Nonô started in a new school and got prepared for Elementary II which was a mix of happiness and stress, as any changes are. Jan started working as an assistent for Biancko, which made his days pretty busy, but also provided a lot of new experiences as traveling by plane, visiting other cities and states, get in touch of people from varied social levels. Besides thata, his band was back. And I enjoyed my new group of girls who are seeking for spiritual and self growth. Besides that, I left my day job as a pedagogical coordinator to dedicate to JB Studio, my brand of digiscrap designers and could do a good job with it. It really was a year of changes for us, full of novalties. The best is we could take the best of all situations and today, when we are heading to the end of the year, we felt our bonds are even stronger. We’re stronger when we’re united.

May you experience a lot of happy moments this year.
Hope you have an amazing creative day

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