Weekly Inspiration: How to make cut out elements in PE

Hi, everyone.

This week I have a guest with a great tutorial for you. Francine, member of my creative team made a tutorial on how to create cut out elements inspired by one of my recent layouts. I totally love cutouts and use a lot, so I’m happy she decided to share that.

She uses Photoshop Elements, but you can adapt to Photoshop easily.

Hope you get inspired.


Hi there, it’s Francine aka Scrapolina from Dani’s Creative Team. I love What Reminds Me of Youby Dani because I love an easy technique she used on this page, using shapes as cut outs. This is very easy to do and really adds visual interest to your pages.

Click here or on the image to see full credits in gallerywhat reminds me of you

If you look at the upper right hand corner of her page you will see a veneer circle with a cut out of a heart. Lets re-create that!

STEP 1: First, chose your background paper and add another paper to cut your circle from.

STEP 2: Use the circle shape to draw a circle onto your paper. Link the shape and the paper then merge them together.

STEP 3: Using the magic hand tool, select the empty space around the circle. Hit delete. You should see your circle on the background paper now. After that, go to Select in the Tool Bar and deselect. Now we are ready to create the cutout heart!



STEP 4: Go to Custom Shapes and select a heart. Make it the shape and size you desire, then move it into position on your circle.



STEP 6: Now again, merge the heart layer onto the circle then choose the magic wand tool, click in the heart to select it. With your heart shape selected hit delete and you will have your heart cut out!


STEP 7: Deselect and add shadow as you like. Voila!


I hope you have enjoyed this simple tutorial and love using it.


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