JB Tribe Club

This is a call to all creative digiscrappers
who want to preserve their memories
in a meaningful and beautiful way.



Are you tired of having creative blocks?

Do you struggle to write on your digiscrap pages?

Do you feel like your digiscrap pages all look the same?



Imagine if your digital scrapbooking time could look like this…

You sit in front of the computer and wonder what memory you’re going to scrap this time. Then, you remember…

“hey, wait… I have a list of prompts for scrapbooking pages. I don’t need to spend 10 minutes from my precious scrapbooking time browsing my photos to find something to scrap.”

  • Save time – check.
  • Choose photos and event/story to tell – check.

You choose a prompt and you already have the perfect photo for it. Great! Then, you think “oh, if only I could write a story that is powerful and heartfelt.”

You decide to follow the 5-step guide to write your story in your scrapbooking page.

  • Save time – check.
  • Write journaling – check.

You pick the kit/collection you’re going to use and you wish… “It would be so nice to do something different this time.”

You browse through the tutorials and classes of JBS Club and find a technique you’ve been wanting to learn.

  • Save time – check.
  • Learn something new – check.
  • Create your page – check.



This is how Just Because Tribe Club can help you.

And there’s more…

This is a single situation, I know you may face other scrapbooking issues. That’s why when you become a member of JBTC you get new resources every month.

There will be new prompts, new tutorials, tips and motivational messages to get you fired up to preserve your memories all while having fun and preserving your family stories. Here’s what you will receive in the JBT Club:

  • Tutorials: techniques, composition, photo editing;
  • Tips, Worksheets and Guides: journaling, page design, photography, and finding great stories to preserve from the little details of everyday life and not just the big events, etc.
  • Prompts and Inspiring ideas for photos and stories you can scrap;
  • A full collection (kit and add-ons);
  • A gallery full of gorgeous layouts to inspire you;
  • A Q&A sheet;
  • Access to JB Tribe facebook group to chat, ask questions and share your creations.




Just Because Tribe Club is exclusive for members.




All this is exclusive for paid JBTC members,
but you can try us out in April for free. 


Click here or the image above to sign up.


Before I forget, let me introduce myself.

Hi. I’m Dani Alencar, designer and educator of Just Because Studio. 

As a digiscrap designer, I strive for quality and versatile products that can be used to scrap different photos and memories. Once a collection is done, the JBS creative team and I take the extra time to test and quality-assure each item before it is available for download.

As an educator, I respect the individual needs and try to offer a variety of resources. Whether you’re new to digital scrapbooking or you’ve been at it for decades, our team thrives on making sure you enjoy the experience. Members have a community to lean on, exclusive products and resources to create with, and room to ask questions and learn more from our experienced team.

As a digiscrapper, I value community and team work.  I believe we can learn from each other, share ideas and make lifetime friendships. Digital Scrapbooking is much more than preserving memories.




Just Because Tribe Club is for digital scrappers who…

  • love to learn and try new techniques;
  • believe scrapbooking is about preserving their family stories;
  • struggle to write in their digiscrap pages;
  • struggle to create their own composition from scratch without using templates;
  • want to have fun with their creativity.